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Nicole Kidman targeted by critics following a photo shoot for Perfect magazine
The actress appears more fit than ever on the cover.

Nicole Kidman is not at her first rodeo with the comments and criticisms of Internet users, and she recently experienced a new wave of reactions on the Web.

The reason this time is because she appears on the cover of Perfect magazine with an impressive musculature.

The 55-year-old actress looks very fit and especially good in her skin on this photo. It’s hard to know if Kidman’s new figure is due to a movie project or simply because the actress changed her workout routine, but either way, she looks radiant.

Many Internet users were surprised by this photo and we wonder why.

Is it because of the age of the actress?

This is a question to ask, because younger public figures have posed like this before without attracting so many comments.

In fact, Kidman recently faced another wave of criticism for a photo showing her in a miniskirt and crop top for Vanity Fair magazine. Many thought that the actress was too sexualized, while her outfit is not particularly sexier than what we have seen on other actresses.

The relationship between Hollywood and women who age in the public eye is far from simple. What if we let actresses live their lives as they wish without criticizing them for their clothing choices or anything else?

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