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No release for Elizabeth Holmes!

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No release for Elizabeth Holmes!
The deposed founder of pharmaceutical company Theranos has been denied bail pending her appeal of the conviction.

Sentenced to 11 years in prison for fraud and conspiracy to defraud, her imprisonment will then begin as scheduled at the end of April.

The story and arrest of Elizabeth Holmes has captivated the world and has since been the subject of several documentaries and even a miniseries, starring Amanda Seyfried, airing on Hulu in 2022.

Holmes, along with her lover and accomplice Sunny Balwani, swindled investors out of millions of dollars by claiming that her invention was revolutionary in screening for several diseases with a single blood test in her machine… when she knew full well that the machine in question didn’t work at all.

Although her lawyer stated that she posed no danger to the public, the judge explained that the basis on which Holmes is seeking an appeal is so weak that it is unlikely to change anything for her.

He then imposed that her incarceration proceed as scheduled on April 27.

Stay tuned!

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