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No rest and no peace for Matthew Perry in the wake of disturbing allegations

Matthew Perry’s tragic death on October 28 had a major impact on the entertainment industry and his many fans.

Since then, it has been revealed that the actor who claimed to have been sober for at least 18 months prior to his death was not sober in his final moments, as an autopsy report highlighted the acute effects of ketamine as one of the main causes of his death.

Now, more disturbing allegations are surfacing about darker aspects of his personality.

According to a source close to Perry, Us Weekly first reported, the actor behaved violently – verbally, emotionally and physically – towards several people around him.

In particular, his former fiancée Molly Hurwitz and her friend and assistant Morgan Moses were allegedly victims of Perry’s aggressive and inappropriate behavior.

According to other information, also reported by the Daily Mail, Perry was involved in a violent altercation with Molly Hurwitz after the latter discovered that Perry was cheating on her.

The same source described an incident in which Perry allegedly pushed Morgan Moses against a wall, and then onto a mattress.

Several sources also claim that an ex-girlfriend of the actor’s threatened in the past to press charges against him for emotional abuse and for getting her addicted to opioids. The former couple reportedly settled this dispute out of court, and the actor’s ex-girlfriend signed a non-disclosure agreement.

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These are troubling allegations against the man who stole America’s heart and plunged it into mourning after his death.

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