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Ontario transgender teacher gets backlash for her breasts
A video of a transgender teacher in Ontario cutting material with a miter saw has gone viral due to a chest that was deemed too exuberant.

Several photos have also been circulated, showing the teacher with a chest that is considered excessive and visible nipples that are disturbing to many.

What bothers the students is not the fact that she is transgender since last year, but rather the lack of judgment with the disrespectful clothes she wears.

Her appearance has been deemed “clownish and inappropriate” and several complaints have been made to the principal to change the situation.

The school board does not want to sanction the teacher, who is very qualified, but rather wants to create a “safety plan” to protect her.

A lawyer also spoke out on this issue via the Toronto Sun, stating that the outfit appears sexist because of the overly pronounced breasts with large nipples.

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