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Peyton Manning’s 11 year old son was wreaking havoc at the Pro Bowl!

Marshall Manning, the 11-year-old son of Peyton Manning, showed off his incredible arm during the NFL’s Pro Bowl weekend.

At the All-Star event in Las Vegas, the young Manning took the ball for some warm-up and cool-down drills during the festivities.

He was truly impressive, throwing the ball briskly to Marcus Pollard, a friend and former teammate of his father. You could even see Ray Lewis involved during this sequence, making it all look majestic.

Marshall also threw accurate passes to Vikings star Justin Jefferson. In addition to these sequences, he caught a “touchdown” pass during the flag football warm-up.

In short, Marshall’s potential is palpable, but he has to wait another three years before he faces the big high school defenders. He has the potential of his family, the Manning’s, which could get him to the big league (NFL).

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