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Pierre Poilievre wants to ruin Justin Trudeau’s Christmas

Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre has threatened to derail Justin Trudeau’s legislative agenda if Trudeau doesn’t agree to scrap parts of the carbon tax, promising to introduce thousands of amendments to government legislation that could force the Canadian Parliament to stay in session… until Christmas!

This detailed threat by the Conservative Party to demand more than 100 votes on the government’s estimates represents a serious challenge to the Commons calendar and could force the session to be extended beyond the scheduled recess when the House of Commons only adjourns on December 15 for the vacations.

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The Conservatives would focus on the Sustainable Jobs Act, reports CBC, with around 20,000 amendments!

Justin Trudeau called Poilievre’s threats in the House of Commons mere political maneuvering.

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The Prime Minister insists his party will continue to push its agenda despite the disruption.

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