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Piracy scandal: Prince Harry wins a big battle against british tabloids

Prince Harry has won what will prove to be a landmark case, as a High Court judge ruled that Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN) had indeed hacked into the royal family member’s phone. This decision therefore supports Harry’s claim of illegal and intrusive information gathering.

This is an important victory in Harry’s fight against tabloid practices in England.

The Court found that 15 of the 33 items proved were directly related to illegal activities, such as accessing cell phone voicemails and other types of inappropriate surveillance.

Prince Harry was awarded £140,600, or around US$180,000, in damages. Harry’s quest for justice placed him at the forefront of an effort to reform the media, particularly in light of the distress he expressed at unethical journalistic practices. This situation worsened during the years of Diana, his mother, and after the princess’s death in 1997.


The legal proceedings painted a damning picture of MGN’s editors, including Piers Morgan, who denied any involvement in the phone hacking case.

MGN has apologized for all past wrongdoing and pledged to press ahead with reform.


MGN’s judgment is not only clear, it also exposes unethical media practices that affect other public figures too.

Prince Harry continues to take legal action, having lodged similar complaints against the editors of The Sun and The Daily Mail.

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