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“Quarterback”: A Netflix series with Patrick Mahomes

Netflix’s upcoming sports series will feature three NFL quarterbacks, Patrick Mahomes, Kirk Cousins and Marcus Mariota. Of course, Pat Mahomes will be the big star of this documentary, which will feature three different stories.

NFL Films has agreed to partner with Netflix to produce “Quarterback”, a series that will highlight the different stories on and off the field of three QBs in the NFL.

Mahomes will certainly be the most prominent “character” because of his status, his two Super Bowl in four years and his two MVP awards, the last one just recently.

The Chiefs quarterback is also the father of two children (Sterling Skye and Patrick “Bronze” Lavon) and the husband of Brittany, who has been growing up with him in the media since the beginning of his NFL career.

Cousins, on the other hand, is one of the most controversial players in the league, which should make for an interesting show for those who watch this series.

And in the case of Mariota, who is 29 years old, he is certainly the most enigmatic player in the league, making him the perfect individual to complete the trio.

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