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Rudy Giuliani surrenders to authorities in Georgia
Giuliani arrived in Atlanta on a private jet on Wednesday, August 23, to surrender to authorities on the heels of the conspiracy charges filed against him in the Georgia election subversion case, to negotiate the terms of his release on bail.

Trump’s former lawyer faces 13 charges including: conspiracy to forge, soliciting a public officer of the state to violate his oath of office, conspiracy to file false documents, violating the RICO act and engaging in various criminal conspiracies.

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Bail for his release is set at $150,000.

Controversial attorney Sidney Powell, another defendant in the case, also turned herself in today, and her bail was set at $100,000.

Giuliani delivered a few comments while surrounded by the press:

“If it can happen to me, who is probably the most prolific prosecutor, perhaps in American history, and the most effective mayor, for sure, it can happen to you.”

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The much-anticipated Donald J. Trump is expected to appear at the Fulton County police station this Thursday!

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