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Ryan Reynolds officially in the running to buy the Senators
Ryan Reynolds has joined the Remington Group (Remington Group) to participate in the race to buy the Ottawa Senators, according to a report filed by Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun.

Of course, the deep pocket in this case remains Christopher Bratty, the president of the Remington Group, who has been running a business specializing in real estate for 65 years.

Although the Canadian actor’s shares are small, he would play a big role in the organization, becoming the official poster boy, as well as being part of the team’s important decisions.

The Ottawa Senators need Reynolds to further enhance their brand, which is struggling in Ontario. The team needs to be on the map in Ontario, so Reynolds’ talent is a must.

The group’s primary goal would be for Ottawa to become world-renowned, and for the Sens to play directly in an amphitheatre in Ottawa (not Kanata).

Not to mention that the Remington Group dreams of bringing the Stanley Cup to Ottawa!

However, it is not yet won for this group since no less than 15 groups are in the running to acquire the Ottawa Senators.

But… Gary Bettman would like Reynolds to be one of the owners.

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