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Shohei Ohtani equals a Babe Ruth record from 1919
Shohei Ohtani is having a terrific season. The pitcher, who is also a fearsome hitter, has just given a historic performance with theLos Angeles Angels.

The 27-year-old Japanese, last season’s American League MVP, was on the mound yesterday to face theRed Sox at Fenway Park in Boston.Hitting third in the batting order and making his first start as a pitcher at Fenway Park, Ohtani became the first starting pitcher to hit in one of the first four positions at the ballpark since Babe Ruth did so on September 20, 1919.

In addition to accomplishing a 100+ year old feat,Shohei Ohtani didit with panache. He batted safely in 2 of his 4 appearances, producing a run in the eighth inning.The Angels took advantage of the excellent performance of their pitcher who recorded 11 outs at bat to win 8-0.

Angels manager Joe Maddon still can’t believe what an outstanding player number 17 is for the Angles.

“I hope you don’t start taking this for granted. Like it’s an old thing,” the manager told the media after the game. “It’s so unusual. It’s out of this world, at this level of this game.”

On the mound,Shohei Ohtani was equally impressive. In the win,Ohtani threw a season-high 99 pitches,including 81 of his 99 pitches for strikes, whichis also a career high.

The Japanese native seemed to enjoy the experience of being atBoston’siconicFenway Park, like Babe Ruth in 1919.

“This is one of my favorite stadiums. I was looking forward to pitching here, and I felt like it left a really good impression.”

On the Red Sox side, pitcherRich Hillcouldn’t help but notice his opponent’s brilliance.

“He’s the best player in the league. I think that’s one thing everyone can pretty much unanimously agree on. It’s special to see someone like him. I think everyone should really appreciate what we’re seeing because it’s something we haven’t seen in 100 years and may not see again for another 100 years.”

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