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Sia reveals she wanted to commit suicide after the release of Music
After the gigantic backlash in the aftermath of the release of her highly controversial film Music, Sia claims in a conversation with The New York Times to have suffered psychologically from the whole affair, and takes the opportunity to reveal that she herself is struggling with an autism spectrum disorder.

A diagnosis which, she says, came very late in life… and which turned out to be a real salvation for the singer, who explains that she feels much better about herself now!

Sia also claims that the disastrous reception of the film Music plunged her back into drug hell, and led to serious suicidal thoughts.

Sia says that at her lowest point, she received unexpected help from Kathy Griffin, who herself suffered a huge backlash in 2017 after a Donald Trump controversy involving her…

“She saved my life!” the star even claims.

Let’s hope Sia stays the course from now on…

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