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Snoop Dogg sues Walmart for sabotage!
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Rap icons Snoop and Master P have filed a lawsuit against cereal manufacturer Post Consumer Brands and retail giant Walmart, alleging corporate misconduct that harmed their Broadus Foods business and Snoop Cereal product line.

The stars accuse Post Consumer Brands and Walmart of engaging in deceptive practices!

The hip-hop entrepreneurs claim in a complaint filed in Minnesota’s Dakota County District Court, where Post is headquartered, that the company had no intention of treating Snoop Cereal on an equal footing with their own products, even if they had entered into a profit-sharing agreement. The complaint states that Walmart posted Snoop cereals as being out of stock or sold out online, while Walmart employees conducted physical inventories and found sufficient stock in the back stores.

Snoop cereals were being sold at over $10 a box, in direct contradiction to Broadus Foods’ goal of offering affordable food products. Ben Crump said Broadus Foods was created by the rappers to encourage the economic empowerment of minorities and support charities that deal with homelessness and hunger. The rapper claims that deceptive practices and high prices were part of Post’s plan to prevent the brand from gaining traction.

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In a statement to TMZ, Post Consumer Brands said it was disappointed that consumer demand had not lived up to expectations. It also said that substantial investments had been made in this sector. Walmart responded to these allegations by stating that it valued its relationships with suppliers. It also cited factors such as seasonality and price that affect product sales. Walmart said it would act appropriately after service of the formal complaint.

Broadus Foods was founded in 2022 by Calvin Broadus, Snoop Dogg and Percy Miller, Master P. The company is committed to supporting underserved communities and diversifying the industry. Last summer, it launched cereals such as Frosted Drizzlers and Cinnamon Toasteez to offer a breakfast alternative while contributing to charitable causes. A portion of cereal sales was donated to organizations such as Door of Hope.

Master P and Snoop Dogg had already attempted a similar breakfast-themed launch under the name Snoop Loopz. This initiative was challenged by Kellogg, the owner of Froot Loops, for trademark infringement.

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