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Snoop Dogg’s daughter suffers serious stroke
Cori Broadus, daughter of Snoop Dogg and Shante Broadus, recently shared on Instagram that she had suffered a severe stroke.

In her Instagram story , Cori posted a disturbing photo of herself lying in bed in hospital. She revealed that she cried when she found out she’d had a stroke and wondered why it happened to her.

But Cori has been battling lupus since the age of six, and it turns out that this disease can lead to strokes or other complications, which could be one explanation.

By September 2023, Cori had completely changed her approach to treating the disease. She explained that she had stopped taking her prescription medication five months earlier to adopt a holistic treatment plan.

This plan included herbal remedies and an increase in physical activity and water consumption. Indeed, she was exhausted from taking a large number of pills, and had been doing so since she was very young.

Despite the stroke she suffered, Cori is optimistic about her future health…

Cori has always spoken openly about her health problems, including a suicide attempt in 2021.

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