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Space missions to Jupiter in 2023!
The space missions of 2023 are likely to be very significant as new milestones in cosmic exploration are brought to the forefront by NASA.

This year, NASA will launch its journey to a metallic world, a spacecraft will place a ton of asteroid samples on Earth and ahistoric lunar mission will receive its crew.

Much is to be expected, according to NASA Administrator Bill Nelson.

“More amazing discoveries from the Webb telescope, climate missions that will tell us more about Earth’s evolution, continued science aboard the International Space Station, groundbreaking aeronautical developments with the X-59 and X-57 experimental airplanes, selection of the first astronauts to go to the Moon in more than 50 years, and much more,” he said.

NASA’s plan is great, as is the European Space Agency’s, which will open a mission to Jupiter and its moons. In addition to that, it will send a satellite to design a 3-D map of the universe, and it will begin new training for its astronauts, including one who is physically disabled.

This progression follows the evolution of life and proves at what level man is evolved!

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