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Suspect arrested for stealing Jackie Robinson statue
Credit: Wichita Police
Authorities in Wichita have made significant progress in their investigation into the theft of the bronze statue of baseball icon Jackie Robinson, a story that has gone viral.

Wichita police announced the arrest of Ricky Alderete, 45, after several weeks of investigation.

On January 25, the statue that proudly paid tribute to Jackie Robinson in McAdams Park was discovered as Wichita firefighters found remnants of the statue that indicated it had been burned after the theft.

Wichita Police
Police said the criminal act was captured on surveillance cameras, which revealed that at least three people were involved. Alderete faces several charges, including felony theft, identity theft and criminal damage to property.

The Wichita Police Department was able to narrow down the suspects thanks to information provided by the videos and community support.

Jackie Robinson transcended baseball and became a symbol of progress and equality. Robinson’s stellar career, which earned him the National League MVP award in 1949, the batting title that same season and the World Series championship in 1955, is celebrated not only at McAdams Park, but in the hearts and minds of civil rights activists and fans across the country.

The community unites to reflect the spirit of indomitable determination that Robinson represented. GoFundMe quickly mobilized to raise nearly $200,000 to replace the statue, whose story sounds like something out of an episode of The Simpsons.

Major League Baseball has offered to help build a replacement statue that could be completed by summer.

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