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Taylor Swift concert generates seismic activity
Credit: Getty Images
While Taylor Swift was performing in Edinburgh, Scotland, at Murrayfield Stadium, the 73,000 fans present at the event caused seismic activity to peak six kilometers from the stadium.

According to The Guardian, despite 23.4 nanometers of movement being detected by seismologists at monitoring stations run by the British Geological Survey, it would appear that Taylor Swift ‘s admirers were unable to surpass the seismic activity created byHarry Styles ‘ fans last year.

Indeed, during the Harry Styles show, 30.9 nanometers were recorded, the highest measurement since the BGS began recording Murrayfield Stadium concerts.

A movement that can only be described as a mini-earthquake!

Taylor Swift had already broken a record for seismic movement last July when she performed at Seattle‘s Lumen Field. A record that had previously been broken by a football match in 2011.

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