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Taylor Swift snubs Canada again!

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Taylor Swift snubs Canada again!

Taylor Swift’s Canadian fans are clearly looking forward to seeing her live, and while the singer has just announced a series of international concerts as part of The Eras Tour, many Canadians have taken to social media to express their frustration at once again being left out in the cold!

While this announcement should have been a joyous one for the star’s fans at first, the hashtag #CriesinCanadian quickly reappeared on Twitter in protest from her Canadian fans, along with several other viral terms, starting with Where Is Canada!

“I had hopes for possible dates in CANADA but I guess not… #CriesinCanadian 😭,” one fan of the star sadly tweeted on Twitter.

“I’ll be right back… #CriesinCanadian #Taylorswiftconcert,” wrote another.

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Even McDonald’s Canada joined the protest!

“So, I thought the #CriesinCanadian hashtag was because a famous Canadian icon passed away or something, but nope, just people sad that Taylor Swift’s tour isn’t coming here,” noted one Twitter subscriber, who surely also thinks there are more important things than that!


But still, Taylor, when are you going to announce the Canadian tour dates?

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