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Tesla fires dozens of employees

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Tesla fires dozens of employees

Dozens of employees in Tesla’s Autopilot department at its Buffalo plant were laid off for a day following a campaign to form a union.

Recall that earlier this week, Tesla employees shouted their desire to unionize with Workers United Upstate New York. The goal, of course, is to have their voices heard in the workplace.

Following this wave of “cuts,” the Workers United Upstate New York union immediately accused Tesla of doing this because of the movement of employees from their union activity.

In its statement, the union said that as many as 30 employees had lost their jobs, along with an email “containing an updated policy” prohibiting the recording of workplace meetings without participants’ permission.

Elon Musk, Tesla’s top boss, has always strongly indicated his opposition to unions, even indicating in a tweet in 2018 that employees would lose their stock options if a union was formed.

So Musk has moved from words to action!

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