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The Leafs have a margin of… $4

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The Leafs have a margin of… $4
The next year is crucial for the Toronto Leafs organization.

It’s make or break and the team has been able to qualify for the playoffs in its last five years.

The problem? They have never been able to get past the first round.

That’s the problem in Toronto, especially when you consider how much talent is on this roster!

A guy who scored 60 goals last year in Auston Matthews, another who came close to 100 points last year in Mitch Marner and so on. What is obvious, however, is that by the time we get to the playoffs… The guys don’t seem to want to win. It’s not that, really. It’s that guys aren’t willing to sacrifice to win. You don’t see their star players going for the puck, you don’t see their star players going to the corner to do the dirty work … Anyway. So, you know what I mean.

So, that being said… It’s all-in this season for team GM Kyle Dubas’ squad.

And, he’s doing everything he can to make sure his club doesn’t make the same mistakes.

Right now, the club has $4 left on its cap hit.


It sometimes costs more buying a bag of chips at the corner store…

It’s tight, right? Maybe not as tight as me in my old pants, but…OK.

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