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The new Superman is here, what are the fans saying about him?

Henry Cavill’s replacement has finally been announced, after months of speculation, and the fans are making their voices heard.

Indeed, they’re… delighted!


Yes! And it’s pretty rare to see such fan unity over a choice made by the studios responsible for adapting the DC characters onto the big screen.

David Corenswet will take on the role of Superman in the next film directed by James Gunn. The 29-year-old actor has appeared in The Politician, We Own This City and alongside Natalie Portman in the upcoming series Lady in the Lake.

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Corenswet will also star in the sequel to the Twister disaster movie, Twisters, due for release in 2024.

It should be remembered that although Henry Cavill wanted to continue his role as Superman, he had instead been kicked out by the producers… because they wanted to make the character younger!

This news left Cavill and fans absolutely shocked!

So, the fact that the announcement of the newcomer has been positively received is excellent news for the production, which also announced actress Rachel Brosnahan in the role of Lois Lane.

Superman Legacy is scheduled for 2025!

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