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The presence of Céline Dion’s sons at her side contradicts rumours

Céline proved to many that her family is still strong.

Céline Dion surprised everyone by making a rare appearance since the announcement of her health problems, at the last Montreal Canadiens game in Las Vegas.

She was able to meet some members of the team in the company of her three sons.

It should be remembered that for some time there had been rumours that the singer and her son René-Charles were no longer speaking to each other… this seems to contradict the rumours and invalidate at least part of this theory.

Indeed, René-Charles seemed very happy to visit the CH leadership group in the company of his mother and brothers, Nelson and Eddy, who of course have been living in Las Vegas for years now.

Céline’s outing to visit the blue-white-and-red team not only showed that she’s still in good shape, it also proved to many that her family is as strong as ever, as she beamed alongside her twins and eldest son.

We were delighted to see Céline with a smile on her face.

And we’re not the only ones, since her field hockey outing has been the talk of the town for the past two days!

Will she be able to make a professional comeback soon?

Time will tell!

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