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The terrifying official portrait of King Charles goes viral
Credit: Getty Images
The first official portrait of King Charles III since his coronation has captured attention on social networks, with a depiction of the king bathing in a red tide!

He looks like the monarch from hell!

Unveiled at Buckingham Palace, the portrait of King Charles III, by renowned British painter Jonathan Yeo, measures approximately 2.5 m square. It depicts the king dressed in the red and white uniform of the Welsh Guards. Yeo opted for a bright red background, a color that captured attention for its intensity and the symbolism it can evoke.

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According to the painter, the delicate butterfly flying over the King’s shoulder symbolizes transformation, but it was the dominant red color in the painting, echoing his long reign as Prince of Wales and then King, that drew the most attention. This hue was interpreted in various ways by critics and social network users, some even going so far as to say that it gave the man a devilish air.

Public reactions to the portrait varied, with some admiring the intricate details of the king’s depiction, while others criticized the use of intense colors and their symbolism. Even the King was reportedly surprised by the intensity of the painting’s colors, but on the whole, he and Queen Camilla were pleased.

Throughout the ages, red has been used in a variety of ways. Often associated with blood, it is regularly associated with violence. However, it is also a color that symbolizes passion, vitality and, above all, power. A choice consistent with the start of the heir to the crown’s reign.

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Controversy or not, the portrait will be accessible free of charge for a limited time, from May 16 to June 14, 2024, at the Philip Mould Gallery in London, as announced by Buckingham Palace.

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