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The Top 10 list of Canada’s most sought-after cities to buy a home may surprise you
Research conducted by experts at reveals the top 10 most desirable cities to buy a home in Canada in 2023. The list was compiled using data from the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA).

The most sought-after cities have obviously produced an increase in house prices, and it’s on the difference in these prices between September 2022 and September 2023 that the researchers based themselves to better understand which regions are currently most in demand.

In first place is Powell River, British Columbia, where house prices have risen by 40.5% in the past year.

In second place, Sherbrooke, Quebec, steals the show with a 29% increase, bringing the average house price to $515,155, $115,732 more than the previous year.

In third place, Brandon, Manitoba, saw a 24.5% increase in house prices over the past year, with an average price of $265,069, the second lowest on the list.

In fourth place, we have the lovely city of Trois-Rivières in Quebec, which saw a 21.4% increase with an average price of $353,062.

Also in fifth place is Lloydminster, Alberta, with a price increase of 17.5%. The city is also in third place for the least expensive homes on the list, with an average price of $281,849.

Finally, we can count Thunder Bay in Ontario, Kelowna in British Columbia, Cape Breton in Nova Scotia, Lethbridge in Alberta, the central region of Alberta, as well as Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia in the last positions of the list.

While these cities are clearly rising in popularity, they’re not the only ones: even the Territories, including the Northwest Territories, have experienced a 45.5% increase in house prices in the past year…

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