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The trailer for the new Teletubbies at Netflix is here!
There was a time when every child in the world knew the famous Teletubbies!

Indeed, Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po were loved by everyone (or almost).

Netflix finally reveals the images of the new version of the Teletubbies and we love it!

The visuals are similar to those of the old days and we find the sun baby that we loved so much! By the way, the legendary first names of the Teletubbies will remain the same, to our great joy.

Screenshot via Netflix
With this great return, we will also be entitled to the little Teletubbies, the Tiddlytubbies.

Screenshot via Netflix
Here is the trailer we were waiting for!

It’s also impressive to see the worldwide craze for this new show. It’s a whole generation that seems to be happy to have these characters back!

On November 14th, Teletubbies fans and future fans will be able to discover the new version of the show on Netflix!

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