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The Witcher: The teaser of discord

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The Witcher: The teaser of discord

Netflix has unveiled the very first glimpse of season 3 of The Witcher series, and it’s controversial, as this will be the last season where actor Henry Cavill plays the lead role of Geralt, as he will be replaced starting in season 4.

It will indeed be Liam Hemsworth who will take over the role left vacant, in what was a series of strange events leading to Cavill’s departure from the series.

The displeasure of many fans of Cavill and The Witcher is felt on social networks following the unveiling of the teaser!

Let’s remember that when the actor thought he was going to take over his role in the next Superman, he had to announce his departure from The Witcher…

…but DC had surprised everyone by announcing to Cavill that he would not be in the next Superman!

Visibly shocked by the news, Cavill made the announcement on Instagram and it was now too late to return to The Witcher, as Liam Hemsworth had been cast in his place.

The first part of The Witcher’s 3rd season will be available on June 29 and the final three episodes will be available a month later on July 27.

You can also check out the first two seasons right now on Netflix.

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