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The world’s largest blueberry has been found!
Recently, a blueberry from Corindi in New South Wales entered the Guinness Book of Records as the heaviest picked in the world. It was picked somewhere in November, to make a dramatic entry into the fleshed-out account of world records.

The blueberry measured 39.31 millimetres, almost the size of a golf ball, and weighed 20.40 grams when placed on a small scale. We’re talking about 10 times the size of a blueberry you pick in the fields during the summer months. This blueberry comes from a new variety called Eterna and is grown by the farm that harvested it.

In 2020, a company from Western Australia presented the world’s heaviest blueberry, weighing in at 16.20 grams.

By the way, with this new variety, records could be broken one after the other, since when this one was picked, some twenty other blueberries were almost as big as the one that will end up in the Guinness World Records.

Going forward, the company won’t necessarily be looking to beat the “size” record, as the main aim is to improve heat tolerance and disease resistance.

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