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Tiny Dancer : Britney Spears rewrites Elton John’s song
Britney Spears is about to bounce back to the forefront of pop with the collaboration of Elton John.

You’ll have to relearn the lyrics to Elton John’s song Tiny Dancer because Britney Spears is rewriting the lyrics of the hit song for a duet with the singer, The Sun reported.

The song will be called Hold me closer and will be Britney’s first single in six years. However, the new song will not be a cover of Tiny Dancer as such. It will feature tracks from other Elton John hits, such as The One a single from 1992.

The idea behind the project is a bit like the one that formed the song Cold Heart with Dua Lipa, which gave the singer his very first #1 hit in the UK in 16 years.

The song includes elements of his hits Rocket Man, Sacrifice and Kiss the bride in addition to Where’s the Shoorah from his 1976 album.

A source told The Sun that “Elton has helped many artists over the years, publicly and privately, and he was aware of Britney’s battle with her guardianship.”

“They’ve known each other for years, with Elton often inviting her to his legendary post-Oscar parties. He sincerely wants the best for her and to hear them in a song together is wonderful,” he added.

One thing is for sure, the song will be a mega hit!

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