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Titans awaken in the trailer for Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire!
The return of the Titans has finally arrived with the release by Legendary Pictures of Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire, the latest addition to the famous monsterverse and the direct sequel to the 2021 blockbuster.

The new Godzilla x Kong film promises to raise the stakes after the epic battle between the two legendary beasts. In the new trailer, audiences discover an all-new adventure as Godzilla and Kong face a hidden threat that jeopardizes not only their survival, but that of humans too.

Warner Bros. Pictures
The story will explore the history and origins of the Titans, as well as the mysterious Skull Island. Fans can certainly expect to learn more about the fate of these ancient beings.

The film features both familiar and new faces. Rebecca Hall, Brian Tyree Henry and Kaylee Hostle reprise their roles as Jia, Bernie Hayes and Dr. Ilene. They bring continuity to the story and emotional depth. The saga is rounded out by a host of impressive newcomers, including Dan Stevens, who plays a starring role in the film. Fala Chen also brings her talents to this monster-filled universe.

Warner Bros. Pictures
Screenwriters Terry Rossio, Jeremy Slater and Simon Barrett worked together to create this epic story, which combines mythology with the action sequences fans have come to expect from the franchise. The plot of Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire, like that of previous films, will be part of a wider cinematic context.

Warner Bros. Pictures
The film will be released on April 12.

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