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Tom Brady “didn’t want the divorce”

The star quarterback Tom Brady and his ex-wife Gisele Bündchen have just recently divorced, and according to the information collected by People, it was not Tom’s desire.

The 45-year-old did not want to give up, he wanted to do what he had to do to fix the situation and bring harmony back to the couple.

“It wasn’t Tom’s idea. He didn’t want the divorce and he didn’t want the divorce!”, according to People.

On the other hand, the efforts Brady wanted to make to bring it all back came too late since Bündchen’s decision seemed irreversible.

“She gave him plenty of opportunities to make things right, and he didn’t!” a source said.

Now, the important thing is to do things in a respectful way whether it is for their children, or themselves, while the beautiful moments they spent together will remain engraved forever.

Recall that Brady posted a message announcing his divorce after 13 years together on his Instagram account last Friday.

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