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Tom Cruise takes James Corden on a fighter jet (and scares the hell out of him)

Host James Corden just took his “carpool karaoke” concept a step further. This time, Tom Cruise was his guest. He took the opportunity to promote the release of his movie Top Gun: Maverick on board a fighter plane.

For the occasion, the presenter of the Late Late Show made a loop in a two-seater jet with the actor who acted as a singing pilot. The concept of “cockpit karaoke” was born!

James Corden‘s adventurewith Tom Cruise begins shortly before 5am. The actor arrives in a private jet. He picks up the Englishman and the two men head to an airport where they would have a “Top Gun Day”.

The duo would start their day aboard a 75 year old Mustang plane. James Corden does not seem particularly confident when the actor shows him his parachute …

After a first flight with a chase in the air (!), the host and the actor make a second “Top Gun” type flight. This time, the couple flies in a supersonic jet flying over a desert at hundreds of kilometers per hour.

ScreenshotLate Late Show

“It’s completely crazy,” saysJames Corden as the jet skims the mountains and Tom Cruise clearly enjoys scaring his friend.

This isn’t the first time the two men have met for acarpool karaokesegment.Four years ago, the couple did a skydiving jump together.

JamesCorden will end his tenure at Late Late Show in April of next year.

Tom Cruise is the star of the movieTop Gun: Maverickwhich opens in theaters in the next few hours.

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