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Tom Cruise tries to reconnect with Sofia Vergara
For Tom Cruise, no mission is impossible!

Top Gun and Mission: Impossible star is reportedly trying to win back the heart of Colombian actress Sofia Vergara since her split from husband Joe Manganiello.

Tom Cruise and Sofia Vergara dated in 2005, shortly before the actor fell in love with his ex-wife, Katie Holmes.

Tom Cruise and Sofia Vergara. Getty Images
According to Heat magazine, Tom Cruise, 61, is ready to try his luck again with the 51-year-old South American, especially as the two stars have remained on excellent terms since their brief romance.

According to various sources at the time, Sofia Vergara, a devout Catholic was terrified of the Church of Scientology to which the single actor belongs.

“She was fundamentally terrified of Scientology. She sincerely believed that she would be smitten by God and burn in hell if she joined Scientology,” relates Andrew Morton, author of the book Tom Cruise: An Unauthorized Biography.

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