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Topless fans avoid jail in Qatar

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Topless fans avoid jail in Qatar

Following Argentina’s win over France at the World Cup in Qatar, women took off their tops to show off their breasts…

In Qatar, however, this is a risk.

Fortunately, the women got out of the country unharmed and were not arrested despite this daring celebration, which obviously raised the ire of many.

The two women, who call themselves Milubarbiie and Noe (La chica del topless) on Instagram, are Lionel Messi fanatics and decided to celebrate this victory as it should be.

Some speculations indicated that the two women would end up behind bars, but they confirmed that they were back home safe and sound.

Recall that Qatar had been very clear about its dress code requirements for visitors:

“Avoid wearing excessively revealing clothing in public to avoid any potential conflict with the authorities.”

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