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Toxic, the “Kelly Clarkson Show”?
The Kelly Clarkson Show, a popular talk show that airs on NBC during the day, among others, has been accused of being a toxic work environment.

1 employee and 10 former employees told Rolling Stone that they were bullied and harassed by producers to the point of tears and illness. However, they all agreed that Kelly Clarkson was not aware of how they were treated by the production and that the star is actually very nice.

They also said that they were paid unfairly, had to work far too many hours and were completely traumatized by their overall experience.

Following these accusations, Kelly Clarkson wanted to answer them.

The singer and host would like her set to be a safe and non-toxic environment for everyone.

Moreover, the studio will move from Los Angeles to New York soon!

An episode that reminds us of the one involving Ellen DeGeneres and her show, even if in this case, Ellen was directly implicated, which is obviously not the case with Clarkson.

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