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Trump believes Biden will stay because of his ego
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In a phone interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News, former President Donald Trump shared his thoughts on rival Joe Biden. Trump believes Biden will stay… because of his ego!

Trump, the Republican candidate in the running, addressed the mounting pressure pushing Biden to step down, due to concerns about his physical and mental health. Trump is confident that Biden will continue his campaign despite these concerns, because in his opinion, Biden is driven by his ego and does not wish to withdraw.

According to Trump, the Democratic Party has few options to force Biden out of the race.

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Trump also speculated on the consequences of a Biden withdrawal, and speculated that Vice President Kamala Harris would likely be the Democratic nominee. He thinks this will be the case, as he believes Democrats would be very concerned if she wasn’t nominated as a replacement candidate.

Trump’s statements come after Joe Biden recently affirmed in a letter to his party his intention to continue his campaign, despite criticism following his disappointing performance at last month’s debate. In the letter, sent to congressional Democrats, Biden vowed to carry on his campaign and defeat Donald Trump.

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In addition, six Democratic elected officials, as well as several celebrities and major party donors, publicly urged Biden to step down, citing his performance at the recent debate and expressing doubts about his ability to fulfill his duties.

Trump described the debate as a strange evening, mentioning that he found Biden’s voice weak and admitting that he didn’t understand exactly what was going on.

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The months ahead promise an even stranger fight for the presidency. The coming months promise an even stranger battle for the presidency than it already was!

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