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Tupac’s murder: A search 27 years after his death!

Las Vegas police took everyone by surprise on July 18, in what is surely one of the music industry’s biggest Cold Cases, when a search took place in connection with the death of rapper Tupac Shakur… in 1996!

According to TMZ, it was a house where a suspicious firearm was found in 1998, two years after Shakur’s death. The residence was stormed by SWAT team members last Monday evening, to everyone’s surprise.

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Investigators on the case have provided no details of what may have been found in the suspected residence, but ABC News reports that computers and hard drives were seized. Magazine articles about Tupac’s death were also reportedly found at the scene, in addition to photos of people who may have had a connection with the shooter.

The residence is said to be connected to Duane Keith, a gangster and member of the South Side Compton Crips (!), one of the alleged suspects in Tupac’s murder. At least, that’s what his uncle claims, and it was exactly his uncle’s house (owned by a woman) that was in the police’s sights.

The evidence gathered during the investigation should be presented before a Grand Jury, and perhaps we’ll see an arrest in this case one day!

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