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Two Ravens rookies got REALLY scared in a haunted house

Baltimore Ravens rookies Damarion “Pepe” Williams and Kyle Hamilton completely lost their minds in a haunted house they visited.

The two defensive backs showed up at Baltimore’s Bennett’s Curse maze, known as one of the scariest in the world, with the goal of facing their fears.

Of course, the walk was caught on video and it ended up on the Ravens’ Twitter account.

When walking through this haunted house, you have to wear 3D glasses, allowing your eyes to live a unique experience. However, some people give up and remove the glasses to finish the tour… as was the case for Hamilton.

Hamilton closed his eyes and ended up holding on to his teammate “Pepe” because it was getting too hard to face the monsters that came out of nowhere!

In short, the best part of this stressful journey was when the two men were chased by a psychopath in a straitjacket.

This “nice” guy was in the asylum part of the maze…

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