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UFC fighter wants to fight Vladimir Putin
Jan Blachowicz, a fighter with 37 fights in the UFC, wants to take on Russian President Vladimir Putin to make him pay for the invasion in Ukraine.

The 39-year-old Pole supports the Ukrainian resistance in its fight for freedom from Russia. Even though he fights the majority of the time in the United States, the athlete feels very concerned about the situation in his native country, the main host country for Ukrainians in exile.

“A whole bunch of people from Ukraine are escaping to Poland. We try to help them. They live in our houses. We help them as best we can. Every day we wake up, and the first thing we do is check the Internet to see what happened,” the fighter told the New York Post.

Jan Blachowicz tips his hat to his neighbors.

“Ukraine, they’re good, they do a good job. Nobody expected them to defend themselves so well. Russia, they are killing children, women there. They are not soldiers, they are murderers, what they are doing there. I hope this madness will stop.”

To the question, who would you like to face in the octagon, Jan Blachowicz answers bluntly.

“Vladimir Putin. I would show him what the whole world wants to show him, where he belongs.”

Jan Blachowicz picked up a win atUFC Apex in Las Vegas last Saturday. His record is now 28-9, 17 finishes.

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