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We’ll be treated to two Biden-Trump debates
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Joe Biden, deviating from the usual tradition of holding presidential debates closer to election time, proposed that the former president participate in two debates: one in June and the other in September. It seems that Biden ‘s wish has been granted, as Donald Trump has accepted the invitation!

Joe Biden invited Donald Trump to a face-to-face debate in a video posted on social networks.

In it, the president points out that Trump has lost two debates to him since 2020 and that he hasn’t participated in any other debate since. Biden accuses Trump of behaving as if he wanted another oratorical joust, and suggests that he turn his words into actions.

The current President of the United States also lightly mocked his opponent, humorously suggesting that the dates of the debates would coincide with breaks in his legal proceedings (i.e. Wednesday, the break day of his criminal trial).

As expected, Trump responded on Truth Social, saying he was ready.

The first debate will be held on CNN on June 27, while the second will take place on ABC on September 10.

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These two presidential debates are sure to generate interest among Democrats and Republicans alike, in the run-up to the US presidential election, scheduled for November 5.

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