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What happened with Britney at the Chateau Marmont?
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Britney Spears was the center of attention after spending an eventful night at the Château Marmont in West Hollywood. The singer, who has just wrapped up her long-running legal battle over guardianship, was seen leaving the establishment barefoot, wearing only a blanket and pillow to cover her breasts.

It was enough to set off alarm bells among her admirers.

Britney was accompanied by her new flame, Richard Paul Soliz. The lovebirds reportedly took advantage of the evening to party in the singer’s suite. Police received a disturbance call at around 10pm on Wednesday evening. However, after checking the situation, the police left the scene without taking any further action. The singer and her boyfriend then went back to celebrating and drinking, until things got a bit heated.

Richard Paul Soliz/Capture

The altercation between Spears and Soliz – with whom she had already teamed up after her August 2023 split with Sam Asghari – added to the drama of the evening. This would have occurred before a strange leg injury, which would have been the cause of the call to the emergency services, around midnight.

However, many suspect that it was more a call about the state of the singer’s mental health…

It only took a few hours for the singer to deny the whole situation. In a first publication, she mentioned that the people identified as her and Richard Paul were rather stand-ins. She then added that she had indeed injured her ankle, but that the cause was a jump in the lounge of her suite at the Château.

She also  shared a video of her swollen foot on Instagram, in which she declared:

She then complained about the illegal arrival of paramedics for a minor injury that only required ice, according to her.

Seized by a new burst of emotion, the singer then expressed her anger and doubts about her mother Lynne Spears, to whom she no longer speaks. Britney asserted that Lynne was involved in the events of the previous day, saying that it was definitely a plot against her.

Once again, the pop icon doesn’t seem to be in a stable state.

We wish her all the best in getting the help she needs so that she can finally be at peace.

It’s a pity, given that the Britney Spears clan had just reached an agreement with her father, Jamie, in the guardianship case, putting a final end to the whole saga just a few days ago.

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