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Wild fight in the stands during a Bruins-Coyotes duel

Last weekend, the Boston Bruins visited the Coyotes’ Mullet Arena, and Patrice Bergeron’s team lost 4-3. Nothing of note during the game, but in the stands, a disastrous sequence occurred.

A crazy video made the rounds on the web this weekend, where fans can be seen getting into a fist fight. One fan can even be seen attempting a superman punch

This scene also shows a woman wearing a Rob Gronkowski t-shirt being punched, stunned and knocked to the ground by a Coyotes fanatic. She fortunately got up, but still!

In addition, during this royal rumble, the song Howlin’ for You by Black Keys which echoed off the walls of the amphitheatre.

A ton of police officers had to intervene to break up the melee and minimize the damage that occurred in this small arena of only 5000 seats.

So far, one person has been arrested for a very serious assault, while five others are expected to appear for disorderly conduct.

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