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Will Smith tries way too hard to come back on social media
Will Smith is trying to win back his audience after the Chris Rock smackdown, and he strangely seems to continue to make light of the whole thing.

After about four months away from social media, he has only shared two posts via Instagram since then.

However, he’s back at it again with a post that has plenty to leave you wanting more.

The video shows a young gorilla poking another much larger gorilla several times in the back.

He left the following message to the publication:

“Me trying to get back on social”

While the video may turn out to be a bit funny, it still gives the impression that Will Smith did not quite grasp the magnitude of his gesture, live, at the recent Oscars.

In a video on Instagram a few weeks ago, Smith apologized, but sources allege that it was a request from Jada, his wife, who is getting tired of the backlash from her husband’s savage attack at the Oscars.
Will Smith can at least count on Justin Bieber, who commented under the publication:

“We miss you.”

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