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Anna Kendrick reveals she was emotionally abused

The actress recently played a character who had a similar experience to hers …

Anna Kendrick made a sad revelation recently… Indeed, we learn via an article from ENews that the actress suffered emotional and psychological abuse in a previous love relationship, and her recent role in the film Alice, Darling resonated with her a lot since her character also lives abuse.

One would think that the actress would have avoided playing a role that reminds her so closely of a painful personal experience, but for Anna Kendrick, it seems to be the opposite. The actress explains in an interview with People that this role is the first time she has taken on a project that is so close to her heart. In a way, it was a very cathartic experience that allowed her to revisit her personal experience.

The actress opened up about the abuse she experienced, explaining that she was in a relationship where her partner constantly made her doubt her experiences, her impressions, to the point where Kendrick often felt very confused. This type of manipulative behavior is known as gaslighting, and it can wreak havoc on the person who is the target of it. Typically, the gaslighting partner makes the person constantly doubt themselves by taking advantage of the fact that the person trusts them completely. This type of toxic relationship can be very difficult to get out of, as the partner usually does everything in their power to keep the victim confused and questioning their experiences.

In fact, this is exactly what Anna Kendrick describes in her interview with People:

I was in a situation where I loved and trusted this person more than myself. So when that person tells you that you have a distorted view of reality [ …] your life becomes very confusing quickly.”

Fortunately for Kendrick, she was able to get out of the toxic relationship and realize the actions she had been a victim of. She also realized that she was not responsible for the situation or the abuse she experienced.

To this day, however, she admits that she still experiences guilt and that “[her] body still thinks it’s [her] fault.

The actress is very brave to open up about her experience in this way, and her speaking out will certainly help others realize that they are not alone and that they can get through it too.

If you think you are experiencing abuse or violence in your relationship, contact your nearest Domestic Violence hotline.

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