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Biden says he wouldn’t run again if Trump wasn’t there

Joe Biden, President of the United States, has said in the past that his decision to run in 2020 would have been different if Donald Trump hadn’t entered the race, but he recently added to his comments, which surprised many, at a recent fundraiser in Boston, when he told Democratic supporters that he was only entering the race because Trump wanted to be re-elected.

Biden declared:

“If Trump wasn’t running, I’m not sure I’d run.”

Then he added:

“We can’t let him win.”

This is a rare revelation from President Biden in which he directly links his desire for a second term to the goal of stopping Trump’s political renaissance, and the statement caught many of his top political campaign officials and advisors off guard.

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Joe Biden’s stance on Donald Trump’s candidacy is not unprecedented, since he has repeatedly portrayed Trump, particularly after Charlottesville, as a threat to American democracy. And the bizarre statements made during a Fox News town hall debate, broadcast live and hosted by Sean Hannity, in which the former president alluded to the possibility of him becoming a dictator should he win the election, only give further ammunition to Biden’s convictions.

Americans should expect a controversial and intense campaign ahead of the next presidential elections in 2024!

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