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Donald Trump: “The FBI broke into my safe!”
The FBI suddenly showed up at the home of former U.S. President Donald Trump to search his home in South Florida.

Trump said he was the victim of political persecution, but stressed that it was neither necessary nor appropriate. He was not afraid to deliver some details about this raid, which would be according to CNN and MSNBC directly related to important secret documents he would still have in his hands.

“They (The FBI) even broke into my safe!” he said in an official statement.

This raid at the Mar-a-Lago estate seems to be related to Trump’s alleged failure to turn over classified (and unclassified) government documents, and other paperwork, that he seems to have taken out of the White House and brought to his personal residence.

Even though he allegedly turned over a box full of government documents months ago, the feds are convinced that Trump still has some important files at his home.

The FBI obtained approval from the Attorney General, then went before a federal judge and submitted strong evidence that a crime had been committed by Donald Trump. This type of event is a first in the history of the United States…

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