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F1: Red Bull chief rips Lewis Hamilton
Red Bull team boss Christian Horner goes for Lewis Hamilton.

The attack concerns the bitter rivalry between Lewis and Max Verstappen, when, according to the husband of former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell, Hamilton has never praised Max’s talent.

In fact, Horner delivered a falsehood, which will further enliven the feud between RB, Horner and Verstappen and Mercedes, Toto Wolff and Hamilton.

Yet, if we roll back the reel to 2020, Hamilton said Verstappen has an uncommon talent:

“He has such a great talent, he is very difficult to beat!” he said at the time.

Remember that the rivalry between Hamilton and Verstappen increased a notch during the last Grand Prix last season, when Verstappen took a controversial victory in Abu Dhabi to take the Formula 1 title.

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