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Green Day announces 14th studio album and unveils first single!
A tour has also been announced!

Legendary pop punk rock band Green Day have just announced their 14th studio album, Saviors, and released the first single, The American Dream Is Killing Me, to the delight of their fans!

The American Dream Is Killing Me is the first single from the 15-song Saviors album, due for release on January 19!

Since last September, the band has been teasing a big announcement to come on October 24 with messages on social networks referring to the awakening of singer Billie Joe, a joke that became popular following the release of the song Wake Me Up When September Ends from the album American Idiot (2004).

“It’s almost time to stop hitting that snooze button,”, the band said on X (Twitter).

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Perhaps a tour would be announced on November 2, if we try to interpret the emojis from a band post made earlier in the day!

With the recent release of One More Time, the new album from Blink-182, a forthcoming double album for Sum 41 titled Heaven :x: Hell and the announcement of Saviors by Green Day, we officially announce the great return of punk rock!

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