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Joe Biden: “Nobody f***s with a Biden!”
U.S. President Joe Biden showed up in Florida in an effort to analyze the damage caused by Hurricane Ian, and at the conference, he mumbled a few words to Fort Myers Beach Mayor Ray Murphy, not knowing the microphone was open.

“Nobody f***s with a Biden!” the president quipped.

“You’re f****** right!” retorted Mayor Murphy.

Biden went on to add that you can’t argue with your brother outside the house and the mayor responded:

“That’s exactly right.”

No one knows the context of the two men’s exchange, but all indications are that the president was puffing his chest out and wanted to indicate that he was the man for the job.

However, there are rumours that Biden may have been talking about Ron DeSantis (Governor of Florida), who may be running for the US presidency in 2024. Both of them were actually present in Florida, so that would make sense.

Let’s take this opportunity to point out again that this is not the first time that microphones have picked up Biden’s words without him being aware of it!

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