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Joe Exotic used Netflix to sell drugs in prison
Joe Exotic He used the money he received from Netflix for the Tiger King series to buy drugs and sell them in prison, even though he was screaming about having cancer.

It is in a document of 147 pages, built by the office of the lawyer Francisco Hernandez, that we learn that the 59-year-old man used the royalties for the purchase of drugs.

It was in September 2021 that the lawyer discovered the shenanigans of Joseph Maldonado-Passage, surprising him with a cell phone.

At that point, Exotic revealed himself, confessing that the Netflix money was being used to supply himself with drugs for the purpose of resale.

Joe’s process was well established, sending payment transfers to criminals in order to receive his material directly into the building.

He was very creative with the money, the amount of which was not disclosed.

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