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Kings fan gets his nose broken by a puck
A lifelong Los Angeles Kings fan, who has been a season ticket holder for a long time, was hit in the face with a puck, breaking his nose and leaving a cut on his forehead.

Jeremy Aaronson, the name of the fan, was in attendance for the Kings’ opening game (against the Vegas Golden Knights), accompanied by his 11-year-old son, and this sequence occurred during the warm-up period.

Although the doctors at Arena tried to treat him, Aaronson had to head to the hospital as the injuries required surgery. In the end, he missed his Kings’ opening game…

Aaronson is doing well, but will need further treatment from doctors once his nose swells.

In his son’s case, he stayed at the Kings ‘ home with some of his dad’s friends to watch the game… which the Golden Knights won 4-3.

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